Keylogger ActoTracker

Keylogger ActoTracker

ActoTracker – Keylogger / Keyboard Spy for MAC OS

ActoTracker is an application that is designed to monitor the user’s activity inconspicuously and continuously like cell tracking apps.

It remembers all of the user’s actions and provides this useful information upon request.

With ActoTracker you can, for example, easily remember what document you were working on last Tuesday or from which site you took the information for writing an article.

The program records the exact time each document, application, or web page was opened and remembers how long these objects remained open.

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Information about each event is immediately added to the log.

Built-in search tools allow you to instantly find the information you need. Logs can be filtered by specific date, week, month, or application. You can add a text note or a tag to any entry. The application is also capable of automatically creating desktop snapshots and “snapping” them to the logs.

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