BMW Electric Cars Will Be Able to Charge From Lampposts

BMW Electric Cars Will Be Able to Charge From Lampposts

German automaker BMW Group has developed innovative street lights equipped with sockets to charge the batteries of electric vehicles. The company intends to launch a pilot project in its homeland as early as next year.

As reported by Reuters citing BMW, created two prototypes of LED street lights called Light and Charge, complete with branded charging stations ChargeNow. The equipment is installed near the company’s headquarters in Munich.

Owners of electric cars can drive up to these lampposts and charge their batteries. The manufacturer declares the system to be universal: it can be connected to city lighting, run on electricity from any supplier, and work with any electric car. It will be possible to pay for charging services using a mobile app.

“If we are going to see yet more electro cars on our roads in the future, we need a seamless charging infrastructure for them,”

said BMW board of directors member Dr. Peter Schvartsenbouer.

Street lights with Light and Charge charging stations will appear on the streets of Munich.

It is worth noting that BMW is an active participant in the market of electric cars. Earlier, the German manufacturer invested in the development of applications that will allow drivers of electric cars to find specialized parking and charging stations in cities.

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