Tesla Control App With Apple Watch

Tesla Control App With Apple Watch

We recently told you about how to control the Tesla Model S with smartphone or Pebble watch. Today we learned about the prototype of the application for controlling the electric car with Apple Watch, which has not been released yet.

Ukrainian developers from ELEKS Alexander Malyarenko and Vlad Krichenko wrote the code of the application to control Tesla Model S with Apple Watch for several days.

The prototype almost completely repeats the functionality of the “adult” application. In its current version, the program knows how to open and close the electric car, its sunroof, turn on the horn and headlights, remotely control the climate control, and show information about the location and charge level of your Tesla. All of this fits on six virtual Apple Watch screens.

During development, the team encountered the following features of the platform. First, the Apple Watch can’t run apps without a smartphone; the watch serves only as a display for the code that actually runs on the iPhone. Second, developers do not have access to the watch’s accelerometer, gyroscope, microphone and speaker. Third, the device’s Bluetooth module can only be used to communicate with the iPhone. Fourth, the Apple Watch’s vibration engine functionality, the TapTic Engine, is also not available to developers. As of today, development for the Apple Watch has quite a few limitations. You can read a list of all the problems that Alexander and Vlad have encountered on the ELEKS Labs blog.

The source code of the application can be found on Github. The company has also published a demonstration video. Note that this is a screencast of the working prototype, not a visualization of the designer’s idea.

We got in touch with ELEKS product manager Markiyan Matsekh and asked him some questions.

Markiyan Matsekh, ELEKS product manager

DD: Is a full-fledged release of the app planned?

MM: Yes, but it is not yet known what form it will take. It’s better to do it together with Tesla. When it doesn’t work, we’ll try it ourselves.

DD: So you want to get in touch with Tesla so they can add this functionality to the official app?

MM: No, we want to contact Tesla to add this functionality.

DD: Do you plan to release a similar app for other wearable gadgets? Android Wear, for example.

MM: Okay, we plan to, despite the fact that there are already sub-apps.

Yes, we plan to, even though there are already similar ones.

DD: Looking forward to it, because similar ones (Tesla Command for Android Wear) don’t compare to what your team showed. Last question. Is there anything you might want to add that wasn’t mentioned on the ELEKS Labs blog?

MM: Okay, specifically for the Ukrainian audience, but this is my name, not the name of the company: do not be afraid to try and show the results to the world. We are not responsible for the solution of the world, which they call civilized. After several failures there will be success. We Ukrainians are very talented and can make world-class innovations. We simply do not need this.
Yes, especially for the Ukrainian audience, but this is on my behalf, not the company’s: do not be afraid to try and show the world the result. We are not worse than the rest of the world, which is called civilized. After a few failures, there will be success. We Ukrainians are very talented and we can make world-class innovations. We just don’t need to be ashamed of it.

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