Tesla Owner Stopped Her Car Theft With Her Smartphone

Tesla Owner Stopped Her Car Theft With Her Smartphone

The woman made the thieves panic and leave the stolen electric car. The intruders left enough footprints in the car for police to find them within a couple of hours.

Radio host Annabelle Brett from Canberra, Australia not only prevented the theft of her electric car, but also helped police catch the thieving burglars, thanks to the Tesla mobile app.

Annabelle received a notification on her smartphone when the alarm on her Model 3 went off. Since she was in the studio at work at the time, she asked a buddy to check to see if the car was okay, but he reported that the electric car was not in place.

Brett then used the Tesla app, which allows her to track the car’s location. She saw that the electric car was nearby. The woman called the police and chased after her car in her friend’s car.
“The app allows me to remotely slow down the car and even “play” with it a little bit. During the chase I was lowering and raising the windows, constantly turning on the buzzer – disturbing the kidnappers in every way possible,” she told me later.

After a while such activity of the electric car made the hijackers leave the Tesla and run away in another car. However, they did not manage to escape: one of them forgot his driver’s license in the cabin of the electric car, and also a package with his own address. Moreover, the cameras in the cabin of the electric car, which are automatically activated when trying to enter the car, captured the faces of criminals. As a result, the intruders were quickly found and detained.

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