Tesla Owners Will Get Their Own Dating App

Tesla Owners Will Get Their Own Dating App

The service will match couples with similar Teslas

In Canada, they are developing a dating app called Tesla Dating. It is analogous to the popular Tinder service, but with the limitation that only owners of Tesla cars can register in it. To register in the application you need a photo taken at the wheel of an electric car.

The author of the app for fans of electric cars decided to create it when he realized that the owners of Tesla cars “want to talk about only one thing: how much they love their cars. Tesla has become part of their identity, he said: fans of the brand share many values, including concern for the environment, admiration for the head of the company, Ilon Musk, and advanced technology.

“Suddenly it hit me – I realized that these people are a perfect match,” the developer told Business Insider.

As of today, Tesla Dating is in the early stages of development. However, the app already has its own website, where those who wish to do so can request early access to “an exclusive community of like-minded and like-minded people and fans of Ilon.” Since the site launched on Wednesday, more than 160 people have signed up, the developer said.

To sign up for the app, users will have to prove that they own a Tesla – this will require a photo taken in the cabin of an electric car. After that, it will be necessary to specify the model and configuration of the Tesla. Using this data, the algorithm will begin to look for an ideal couple for dating.

While some Tesla fans are waiting for the app to launch, others are brightening up the wait for the Cybertruck pickup truck to hit the market by creating a variety of replicas. Bosnia and Herzegovina has made a very accurate replica of the electric car, which repeats not only the exterior design, but also the dimensions of the nearly six-meter original.

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