Top 6 Most Essential Mobile Apps for Electric Car Owners

Top 6 Most Essential Mobile Apps for Electric Car Owners

Every driver has at least one app to help him while driving

Drivers of electric cars have to take into account a few more parameters (especially in Ukrainian realities): from the availability of charging stations to the location of these charging stations. Here are the top 6 applications that may be useful for owners of electric cars in Ukraine.

Waze (Google Play, AppStore)

Navigator, which could easily become a replacement for Yandex.Maps after the presidential decree on sanctions against Russian companies. It is convenient for route planning, compatible with the Plugshare and To-U apps (about which below), and allows you to mark road events: traffic accidents, potholes, police checkpoints.

PlugShare (Google Play, AppStore)

A map app that flags all available electric car charging stations. You can share your home charger or add a missing public one.

To-U (Google Play, AppStore).

App for booking free charging from Tesla Club Ukraine (including electric charging stations at OKKO petrol station network). All to avoid queues.

Greenspot (Google Play)

An app in which you can find the charging stations installed by VLS Energy. The driver can lay the route from current location to the nearest station and find out the cost of charging (UAH/kW).

Autostrada (Google Play, AppStore)

The application allows you to mark the current quality of roads and helps to plan routes.

Windy (Google Play, AppStore)

An app that shows the strength and direction of the wind – the optimal speed of the car and power consumption depends on it.

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